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How it works

With operational excellence at our core, we take a long view to investing and keep our investments to a select few companies. We make it a priority to understand companies’ missions and how our investment will support their long-term investment goals.

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We invest in businesses at every state of their business cycle. Our investments tend to cluster around fintech, healthcare and real-estate sectors. But that’s not where our curiosity ends. If you are technology centric company and building something different, we still want to hear from you.

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We work with you on your biggest and smallest challenges. Whether looking for funding to take the next big leap, seeking to improving or develop the core technologies from scratch, creating marketing strategies, or thinking through your organizational design, we are with you building over those critical areas.

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The biggest factor in our decision-making is always the product. How innovative, resourceful and technology centric it is. We evaluate the strength of the product and the market. And lastly, we try to understand how our expertise will help you and bring your ideas to life

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We invest in ideas and technologies and believe no product is too small for us to invest. The average size might be $5 million, but we’ve invested as small as $250,000 and as large as $10 million. Regardless of check size, you get the same Stackflow experience.